Pencil, Marker and Payon
Pencil, Marker and Payon

It wasn't until I spent some time at a summer art camp that I developed a love for painting. I immediately took a liking to acrylic paints because they dried very quickly and allowed me to paint right over mistakes. Later I developed a love for watercolors because I found that they forced me to be more free-flowing and relaxed in my art.

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I started my work with pencil at a very young age. I took an immediate liking to comic book art because of the amazing action and expressive shading in the X-men comics of the late eighties. I then focused on figure and contour drawing with various media in Studio Art classes at MBHS. I've tried to keep up work with charcoal and pencil in my spare time over the years, so there are some more recent pieces in this gallery.

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Acrylic, Oil and Pastels
Music and Singing
I took some piano during elementary school, but I didn't truly love music until I joined the MBHS Chamber Choir at the advice of Abigail Baker. I also joined a student-run a-cappella group called Accidental Harmony where I met Alenda Chang and Ken Ho. When most of that group graduated, I cofounded InToNation with two other remaining members.

At Cornell, I sang with the Men's Glee Club and The Class Notes, the oldest a coed a cappella group. As eventual Publicy Manager and Musical Director, I did many mixed voice arrangements and helped to produce their CDs.

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