Sarah McLachlen (Jen)

King of Pain
The Police (Luis)

The Cure (Heather)

They Call it the Blues
Elton John (Ken)

Chain of Fools
Aretha Franklin (Jen)

Walk on By
Dionne Warwick (Hilary)

Mercy Mercy Me
Marvin Gaye (Ken/Andre)

Whisper Your Name
Harry Connick Jr. (Doug)

Come to my Window
Melissa Ethridge (Jen)

Under the Milky Way
The Church (Mike Murdoch)

Sweet Dreams
Annie Lennox

Mad About You
Sting (Jen)

Only You
Yaz (Luis/Jen)

Toto (Luis)

featuring the 1995-96 Class Notes
Produced by J. Yax, A. Chang & T. Reppert.
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